For Burn Survivors
With a sense of Humor

          Welcome ! I mean no disrespect for I am also a burn survivor. I recognize that some of you may be sensitive, and be offended by my Irreverence. I can only suggest that this may not be the place for you.
          Some topics are viewed as sacred. We should put them out of our minds and not speak of them, and most certainly not joke about them. Why Not? Because we are afraid! Afraid to offend, afraid to feel the pain, afraid people will think we are insensitive. Yes I have known fear, but I have no reverence for it. I cannot hide from it or ignore it, but I can shine a light on it. I have found that it loses it's power if you look it in the eye, and laugh at it.

          I will share with you my story, which I view as a Journey. A journey of trauma, and enlightenment. One that is ongoing even now, for my life's path has been changed by fire, and that change will always be a part of me.

Magic Words

          You are invited to tell your experience also. You can write me if you want to be a part of "PosToasties". I'll be glad to put your stories, thoughts, or comments up here. I will even put a web page up for you, or links to your page.

          I have installed a Bulletin Board that we all can use. Sometimes I'm on the run, but I will check on it from time to time.

Someone else who went through this about the same time I did wrote me and here is: Laura's Story

Burn Survivors Throughout the World

Healing is a very slow process, but , You Know, Living is a very slow process also.
You're Always Welcome Here!

My Glasswork

Also tempored by fire