Indoor Gardening - Garden with Terrariums

"Garden under Glass"


     Want an indoor garden? One of the most unique and attractive ways to garden indoors is to garden with Terrariums. An attractive, well constructed terrarium garden can become the focal point of any room. Indoor gardening could never be easier.

     A terrarium garden is a wonderful, magical garden environment. Decorative, attractive, and easy to care for, just plant and forget. Because terrarium gardens recycle their moisture, they need very little attention. A closed terrarium garden can often go a month or more between watering. They actually thrive on neglect! Now even people who tend to neglect gardening can develop a "Green Thumb".

Any clear container can be made into a terrarium garden. the main requirement is that it be watertight. Choose something that is large enough to accomodate the plants, and has a cover, lid, or door to keep the moisture from escaping. Jars, bottles, and aquariums are some of the more common containers used. More elaborate designs made from Acrylic Plastic, Leaded and Stained Glass, and Glass Block, can add an elegant touch to your home decor. Whatever the container, a humble pickle jar, or a Contemporary Glass Sculpture, you can bring an easy to care for touch of nature into you home.

     Many plants do well in terrariums, and it is best to choose the ones that will fit the size of the container. Slower growing plants require less trimming, and are less likely to take over. If you are willing to pay more attention to them, you can experiment with more aggressive plants. They require more frequent trimming, but will allow you to have more variety in your terrarium.

     Having a terrarium garden is also a wonderful way for children to learn about nature.

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