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          The Major's Inn in Gilbertsville, New York, was built in the early 20th Century. The entire village of Gilbertsville, located in the scenic Butternuts Valley of Central New York, is on the National Register of Historic Places, but the jewel in the crown of this community is the Major's Inn. It's architectural beauty is obviously signifigant, and it's magnificant Tudor like style stands as a symbol of the community spirit and and skilled craftsmanship.
          After passing through many owners, and suffering severe deterioration, this magnificent stone inn is now in the hands of the Majors Inn Foundation Inc. which is working hard to restore it, and once again make it into a functioning inn. Through the efforts of the foundation, it's many supporters, and the residents of Gilbertsville, we may once again see this landmark become an active part of the community. The Progress has been substantial, and it won't be long before visitors will, once again, be able to check in and sample the hospitality of a bygone era.
          Presently the Inn is open from early Spring until the end of the year, culminating with the Christmas Holiday Bazaar. Throughout the summer "Music at the Major's" offers free weekly performances by an eclectic assortment of artists, who perform outdoors on the lawn, or inside the spacious hall. The annual Quilt Show in the Fall draws visitors from near and far to view and purchase the beautiful work of these talented artists. The Inn is available for private use, hosting weddings, birthday and anniversary parties, meetings, festivals and special events.

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